Scott Annan

Food and Convenience Retail Pathfinder

Scott is a Food and Convenience retail industry guru and a pathfinder. He is based in the UK and Irish marketplaces and has a global reach in hosting peer-to-peer exchange events.

He maintains regular connections with C-level heads within retail forums, challenging thinking and sharing insight and knowledge. Scott’s forums represent almost 90% of the market place and include many national and independent UK and Ireland retailers. A trusted advisor for companies, his contributions cover strategy development, management coaching, keynote addresses, industry panels, facilitation and media.

Through extensive travel and touch points with companies, Scott is uniquely positioned to connect the disparate dots that improve financial performance in our fast moving industry, establish and enhance connections, curate partnerships and knowledge sharing opportunities.

Company We Keep

Scott doesn’t have customers; he has a network of forum members. Members contribute to shaping the industry and growing their own businesses through collaboration, cooperation and competition.

The Retail Leaders Forum

15 Members

The Independent Retailer Owners Forum

20 Members

Market Retail Expert Members

20 Members

Selected Sponsorship Members

6 Members

Trusted Advisor


Non-Executive Director


Strategy Challenge

For many companies, Scott is an independent sounding board and a logic challenger.

Private Tours

Scott is the happiest when he is opening retailers’ eyes to new ideas and ways of working.

Keynote and speaking engagements

Scott Annan is a dynamic speaker.

NED & Trusted Advisor

Scott is a sought after Non-Executive Director & Trusted Advisor for several companies.

Inspire and Challenge

Scott has helped many businesses develop their strategies.

Scott has helped many businesses test the logic of their strategies. His input is trusted to steer strategy even where major management consultants are in place. For many companies, Scott is an independent sounding board and a challenger. It is what he does best.

The Pathfinder’s Journey

The journey to a Pathfinder

Scott endures as a pathfinder by being a well travelled and independent maverick. He is able to bring unrestrained challenges and insights that are sometimes uncomfortable to steer companies to greater success. He is not tied to certain products or scripts which brings trust to retailers.


Japan visit: proprietary food


USA: Shopper needs category management


BP global retail: roadside retail accelerator programme


Launch of IROF


Launch of The Retail Leaders Forum


BP UK: M&S Simply Food store pods


India: Retail Leaders Forum visit


Singapore Funan centre retailtainment


Co-author of industry papers and additional Trusted Advisor roles


Publication of ‘The Shape of Food Retailing in the New Normal 5: Roadside Retail’ report


The Shape of Food Retailing in the New Normal

2020 will be the year that tested resilience, ability to reinvent, reinforce partnerships and flare up to expand to new heights. In order to remain a formal and informal trusted advisor to the food and foodservice industries, Scott partnered with many members in his network to deliver industry papers. Here you can download the work of this collaboration.

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Scott Annan

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