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London, 2024

Meet the Leader Dinner London 2024

London, 2023

Meet the Leader Dinner Market Hub 2023 MarketHub

Dublin, 2023

Dr Max Schwaller RATIONAL AG


James Lowman
London Joint Retail Leaders Forum / IROF dinner with ACS CEO


Gavin Rothwell
Manchester Joint Retail Leaders Forum / IROF dinner with retail foodservice expert Gavin Rothwell


Jonathan James
Dublin IROF dinner with UK retailer and farmer Jonathan James


Dr Paul Sewell
Joint Retail Leaders Forum / IROF dinner with guest speaker Dr Paul Sewell

WorldPay, 2020

‘Payment the next 5 years: what, where & how we buy’
mobility, social commerce, all device payment, ‘rip & replace’ and out-innovating the bad guys.


Colin McLean, CEO CJ Lang
The future for convenience retailing in Scotland


Mark Brill, VP S&M TOMRA Solutions
Reverse vending: the facts, the fiction and government policies


BP, Thornton’s Budgens & Harrogate Spring Water
Plastic packaging: recyling, sustainability & ‘Fit for Purpose’ alternatives


BP VP Roy Williamson
Roadside retailing: the next 10 years and the future for transport


Compass Group Mark Davies, Head of Insight
The Shape of Foodvenience: the next 5 years

NACS, 2018

CEO Dr Henry Armour
The next 5 years: C-retailing USA & beyond

DMI Digital Head of Innovation Magnus Jern, 2017

Digital mobility transformation

London, 2016

Wawa CEO Chris Gheysens
Wawa business model

Des Moines, 2024

Chicago, 2024

Market Visit Chicago 2024

Germany, 2023

Market Visit Germany 2023

Ireland, 2023

Market Visit Ireland 2023

Zurich, 2022

Seoul, Tokyo, Singapore and Sydney, 2022

Retail format, product and technology innovations from 2020

USA, 2022

Philadelphia, NYC and Altoona

Berlin, 2022

Pennsylvania & NYC, 2022

Dublin, 2022

London, 2022

Mumbai, 2022

Zurich, 2022

Mumbai, 2021

Munich, Germany, 2021

Oslo, Norway, 2021

Scotland, 2021

Hamburg, Germany, 2021

Manchester, 2021

Northern Ireland, 2021

Hangzhou & Shanghai, 2020

best-of-breed retail and social commerce technology and customer service

BP Global Retail, Global, 2020

Northern Ireland & Ireland

Budgens leadership, UK, 2019

Northern Ireland & Ireland

Morrisons Convenience leadership, UK, 2019

Northern Ireland & Ireland

Family Mart & Compass Group, Japan, 2018

Northern Ireland & Ireland

BP Global Retail, Global, 2017


Cooperative Food leadership, UK, 2015

Tokyo & Hong Kong

Cumberland Farms, USA, 2011

Tokyo & Hong Kong

Cumberland Farms, USA, 2010

Dublin & London

Chicago & Des Moines, 2024

Retail Leaders Forum Market Visit Des Moines 2024

Seoul and Tokyo, 2023

Dublin & Newry, 2023

Dublin & Newry (joint with IROF), 2023

Manchester, 2022

Oslo and Hamburg, 2021

Mumbai, 2019

Pittsburgh & Philadelphia, 2018

Philadelphia & NYC, 2017

Tokyo & Kyoto, 2016

Boston & Chicago, 2015

Hong Kong & Seoul, 2014

Tokyo, 2011

Chicago & Des Moines, 2024

Independent Retailer Owners Forum Market Visit Des Moines 2024

Seoul and Tokyo, 2023

Dublin and Newry, 2023

Dublin & Newry (Joint with RLF), 2023

To come Seoul and Tokyo XXX

Dublin, 2022

To come Seoul and Tokyo XXX

Manchester, 2022


Warner’s Supermarkets Together with Morrisons

Dublin, 2021


David’s Kitchen and Spar Scotland

Chicago & Boston, 2020

Rathfriland & Derry, 2019

London, 2019

Hull, 2019

Dublin & Cork, 2019

Singapore & Sydney, 2019

East Sussex, 2018

London & Guildford, 2018

Tokyo & Hong Kong, 2018

The Cotswolds, 2017

Dublin & Rathfriland, 2017

Convenience Leaders Summit D-A-CH, Hamburg, 2024

Convenience Leaders Summit D-A-CH, Hamburg 2024

Convenience Leaders Exchange, Hamburg, 2024

Convenience Leaders Exchange Hamburg 2024

SPAR International Connected Retail Conference, 2023

SPAR Connected Retail Conference 2023

Scottish Grocers Federation, 2022

‘Thriving versus Surviving’

Europe, 2021

RATIONAL International: Europe Conference
‘Understanding the broader food opportunity’


Collaborative Consulting in October
Neighbourhood Grocery and Foodservice driving the growth in UK and Ireland convenience


In-convenience podcast in October
Fresh Food for Today in convenience retailers


Shop Talk Live – November
The Future of Retail Tech


Shop Talk Live – November
The Changing Shape of UK and Irish Food Retailing


Shop Talk Live – May


Shop Talk Live – April
The Shape of Food Retailing in the New Normal

India, 2019

SP Jain Business School, Mumbai
Retail panel chair

Switzerland, 2018

European Lotteries Retail Summit
Keynote speaker

Portugal, 2015

OpenRoom Pharma forum

Dubai, 2009

OpenRoom Petro Forum

Dubai, 2008

Insight Research NACS Europe

USA, 2007

Outlook Leadership Conference
One of 3 keynote speakers at C-retail leadership summit

USA, 2006

NACS Show Las Vegas
BP M&S Food workshop chair

Hungary, 2005

NACS Europe Budapest
Main stage speaker: Roadside Retail grocer partnerships

USA, 2004

NACS Show Chicago
Main Stage speaker: Shopper Needs Category Management

Hong Kong, 2002

Category management

Puerto Rico, 2000

Shell Retail
am/pm Latin America category management


Presentation at The Federation of Independent Retailers on the Proprietary Fresh Food opportunity for retail members
The Federation of Independent Retailers


Newtrade Media monthly OPINION column 2021 - current
Newtrade Media OPINION


The World’s Favourite Stores
co-authored with retail and foodservice experts Dev Dhillon and Frank Beard

UK, 2018

ACS Summit
Sourced keynote speaker from Family Mart Japan

UK, 2016

ACS Summit
Sourced keynote speaker from Wawa USA

UK, 2013

ACS Summit
Sourced keynote speaker from 7-Eleven Hong Kong

UK, 2010

ACS Summit
Sourced keynote speaker from Family Mart Japan

UK, 2005 - 2017

Retail Industry Awards
Independent judge

London, 2024

Retail Leaders and IROF Shared Learning Day London 2024Retail Leaders and Independent Retailer Owners forums shared learning day

Edinburgh, 2023

Edinburgh IROF Shared Learning Day 2023Independent Retailer Owners Forum ‘shared learning day’

UK & I, 2022 - 2024

Retailer Strategy Days

USA, 2022

Retail Insight
Thought Leadership sessions with Sheetz, Rutters, Hy-Vee and EG America

East Midlands, 2022

James Retail
Retail estate insights

Northern Ireland, 2022

Best-in-breed retail foodservice

Northern Ireland, 2021

BP Global Retail
Best-in-breed roadside retailers


Retail Strategy

Global, 2020

BP Global Retail
Foodservice innovation and best-in-breed retailers

Germany, 2020

Best-in-breed bakery innovation

UK & I, 2020

Independent Retailer Owners Forum
retailer strategy days

Japan, 2020

Convenience regeneration and technology

Global, 2017 - Now

BP Global Retail/h6> Convenience retail strategy

UK & I, 2017 - Now

Independent Retailer Owners Forum
Retailer strategy days

UK & I,2015 – Now

Retail Leaders Forum
Retailer strategy days

UK, 2014

Convenience strategy workshop

UK, 2008

Convenience strategy workshop

Global, 2003 – 2006

BP Global Retail
Convenience & Food for Now development

Rational International AG, from 2020

Delice de France, from 2020

Vusion Group

LIFEBRANDS Natural Food GmbH

epac LLC flexible packaging

Delice de France, 2020

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